The mended soul

“Like the wind, she blows
Carrying every sense that she holds dear
Taking no turn like the wild fire,
with all the love that she desire.
With words unspoken and corpse of dreams
A mended soul under the beam
pleading love as her divine power,
she walked for miles but never cower.”

11088595_10203997793693043_6674214420478189361_oPhoto Credit: Parikshit Deshmukh


The grey sweater girl!

That late Monday afternoon,
Tucked under her blanket
Repressing the crisp cold air outside,

She asked him quietly
“Do you remember what I was wearing for our first coffee together?”
He answered, “I believe, I don’t”
“Oh!” She sighed.

He reached for her hands and asked
“Do you remember what you were wearing?”
“Oh! Of course” She said.
“My favorite pair of jeans and the grey sweater that you liked.”

He smiled and nodded.
“I don’t remember what clothes you were in or what perfume you’d put on
But I do remember the smile you wore that day, the warmth you had in your eyes.
The way you tried to hold your breath-in for a moment before you speak.
And that’s when I told myself, I’m keeping this grey sweater girl safe with me forever.”

And she crossed a thousand smiling hearts!

Hello world!

lappy-coffee!So this is how it started. One late evening of August. Didn’t know where and how to start but here I’m. Sitting in front of my notebook with a brew beside me thinking hard and loud. Sitting all alone and aloof from the scorching heat outside. As of now, I wonder where I’ll take this to or where it’ll take me to. And now, like as best-est friends, we go hand in hand! Me and my tipsy blogs!!

Happy blogging!